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1. Empyrean Fields [6:32]
2. A Paean to Fire [5:43]
3. Thus Spake the Tongueless Serpent [5:08]
4. With the Sun and the Skies and Birds Above [8:32]
5. Master of Wilderness [5:18]
6. After God [6:30]

Hailing from the ever-fertile Finnish scene, The Mist From the Mountains are a brand-new formation with a very old heart. Their chilling-yet-breathtaking ruminations harken to the golden days of melodic, nature-inspired black metal, back during the mid ’90s. Names invoked include old Borknagar, Kvist, Arckanum, Old Man’s Child, Norway’s Gehenna, and even earliest Dimmu Borgir – but on evidence of their first public recording, the full-length Monumental – The Temple of Twilight, The Mist From the Mountains are well on their way to forging an odyssey all their own.

Encompassing six songs across 38 minutes, Monumental – The Temple of Twilight is simultaneously swift and expansive. Right from the spine-tingling anticipation of the album’s portentous opening, The Mist From the Mountains soon whip forth a fury that’s paradoxically widescreen, cloaked in splendorous synths which spark the imagination and send the listener into a righteous reverie. Indeed, energy is always foremost for the five-piece, with two vocalists – Kim Strömsholm and Tuomas Karhumäki – handling duties with equal aplomb. However, as with the best nature-inspired black metal metal, tempos are downshifted (and often) into proud marches, making the dynamics hit that much harder. Throughout, battle rage and folkloric wonder weave in and out as needed, the quintet threading the seemingly disparate elements together like true masters. Thus, The Mist From the Mountains are accurately monikered: towering, mysterious, even magickal, yet also hazy and almost amorphous. And this is but the start for this still-young band…

The old gods live on. And they make a grand re-entrance with The Mist From the Mountains’ Monumental – The Temple of Twilight!

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