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From issuing label; ”
– Guitar ambient/dungeon synth music from CRG. These are recorded but unreleased interludes for Sunchariot & Svetovid albums. Limited hunter green pro tapes with Imprinting, sealed in special metallic gold tape boxes. Worldwide release.”

From J-card liner notes;
“Surt is CRG and VJC on this recording.
“Yggdrasil” is 8 untitled hymns that were recorded during 2009-2011. Electric guitars,acoustic guitars, and keyboards were utilized to compose and create these hymns of Dark Art.

Additional mastering by WS during feb. 2019.

Previously planned for release in 2012, these hymns came from the same recording sessions as all the interlude hymns used on SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury” and SUNCHARIOT “Warrior of the Winds” albums. Special thanks to Alexander Ivanov for salvaging/keeping the only existing cdr master of these recordings, so we could share these hymns of darkness, sadness, and death.”

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