NARGAROTH – Orke / Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal DOUBLE CD


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2 CD issued in a standard jewelcase with a transparent tray. Comes with an 8-page booklet.
Limited to 300 copies.
Compiles “Orke” and “Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal” demos with 2 unreleased bonus tracks.


1-1 Barnedød 1:37
1-2 Det Lys Aldri I Livet Orke 15:14
1-3 Asgardsrei 5:39
1-4 Getragen Von Valkyren 6:50
1-5 Nag Ur Sol 3:27
1-6Escape Though The Gates To The Stars 8:43
1-7 Nadedød (Shorted) 5:03
1-8 Auf Dem Grunde Des See’s Ruhend 7:15
Bonus Track:
1-9 A Aldri Orke Lyset 6:20


Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal
2-1 Black Metal Ist Krieg 5:40
2-2 Karmageddon 3:49
2-3 Tod Den Feinden 3:54
2-4 Herbstleyd 6:03
2-5 Possessed By Black Fucking Metal 7:24
2-6 Shall We Begin 6:53
2-7 Fuck Off Last Episode 2:57
2-8 Nortam Sagro 2:23
Bonus Track:
2-9 5 Dimensions Of Love To You 15:23

Tracks 1-1 to 1-8 are taken from the first demo tape Orke.
Track 1-9 is a cover version performed by Aras (previously available on Possessed By Nargaroth).
Tracks 2-1 to 2-8 are taken from the third demo tape Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal (track 2-8 was only added to the LP edition and further reissues).
Track 2-9 was recorded during the Jahreszeiten sessions. Parts of this track were later on used on the album Spectral Visions Of Mental Warfare for these songs :
Odin’s Weeping For Jördh
Odin’s Weeping For Jördh – Part II
Journey Through My Cosmic Cells (The Negation Of God)
Diving Among The Daughters Of The Sea

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