GRANSKOG – Carpathian Outlaws – 15 Years Of Bukowinian Pagan Madness DIGIPAK CD


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Tracks 1-6 taken from “Black Mountain’s Embrace” demo, recorded during the night of 28th of January 2011 a.y.p.s. in the ancient city of Lemberg under the waning moon.

Tracks 7-12 taken from “Clandestine Congregation” demo, recorded during August 2014 a.y.p.s. at Black Castle studio, Czernowitz. Drums recorded in December 2014 a.y.p.s. at MuzProduction studio, Lemberg.

Tracks 13-16 taken from “In The Heavy Mists In The Carpathians…” rehearsal demo, recorded at Black Spectre studio during a rehearsal on the 30th of May 2013.

1 Green And Black Seen As One (The First Leaves)
2 Unknown Woods Whisper My Name (Неведомые Леса Зовут Меня)
3 AutumnStorm
4 Werewolf Archetype (Архетип Вервольфа)
5 Last Battalion (Последний Батальон)
6 Alone [Goatmoon cover]
7 Ancient Invocation (Давнє Закляття)
8 Cosmic Verities (Космосу Істини)
9 Thunder’s Hatchet (Громова Бартка)
10 A Spectre From The Past (Мара З Минулого)
11 Azelsgard’s Wolves (Волки Азельсгарда)
12 Tchugaister’s Dance (Танок Чугайстра)
13 Sun Is Setting Over A Black Mountain
14 Cosmic Verities
15 Thunder’s Hatchet
16 Carpathian Windspirit [Fullmoon cover]
17 Werewolf Archetype (Raw Mix)
18 Last Battalion (Raw Mix)

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