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III Alliance For War (Live 2006)
CD-1 Intro / Roman Revenge 4:24
CD-2 Byochemical Annihilation 2:51
CD-3 Machine Voidness 2:00
CD-4 Jesus Coward 3:14
CD-5 I.C.B.M. 3:33
CD-6 Lethal Binary Chemical Munitions 3:15
CD-7 Eht Tsrow Sdrow 4:05
CD-8 Homo Homini Lupus 2:28
CD-9 Psychopatic Anal Terror 3:46
CD-10 Frantic Fury 3:22
CD-11 Soldier Of Blasphemy 3:18
CD-12 High Temperature Fires 3:15
CD-13 Celebrating The Revenge Of All The Times 6:05
CD-14 Death Emperor Rules Supreme 2:36
CD-15 Definitively The Last Burial 3:04
CD-16 Zyklon B 5:33
Pulverize The Human Race (Demo 2007)
CD-17 Jesus Coward 3:14
CD-18 Psychopatic Anal Terror 4:08
CD-19 Eht Tsrow Sdrow 3:59
Celebrating The Revenge Of All The Times (Single 2005)
CD-20 Celebrating The Revenge Of All The Times 5:35
III Alliance For War (DVD)
DVD-1 III Alliance For War (Live Video 11/03/2006 – Rio Grande)
DVD-1 Homo Homini Lupus (Clip)

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